[5] Derrickman fall arrestor caught on Top Drive

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Incident Description

During  process of Derrickman (DM) changeover,  Floorman (FM) relieved DM  and pulled & racked back a stand of pipe. DM was standing close to ladder with fall arrester attached in preparation to descend down the ladder. Driller lowered Top Drive System (TDS) which entangled and pulled the fall arrester line along with DM. DM fell (same level) at monkey board platform with left leg trapped between monkey board post & guide beam resulting in a fracture to his left ankle.

Learnings from Incident

  • Develop Derrickman Changeover Procedure
  • Always ensure the TDS is stationary until DM changeover is complete
  • Ensure communication between Driller and DM at all times
  • Ensure right Fall Arrestor is used at all times

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