Near Miss – ESP Line Spool Operator in No Go Zone

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​ Incident While RIH 3.1/2’’ completion Tbg with ESP cable and after making a connection, the driller-before resume to RIH-  observed the spooler machine operator was standing underneath the cable drum and doing some cleaning! Pic (1). The operator didn’t inform the driller that he is going to do cleaning under the drum (The spooler controller was in [...]

[5] Derrickman fall arrestor caught on Top Drive

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Incident Description During  process of Derrickman (DM) changeover,  Floorman (FM) relieved DM  and pulled & racked back a stand of pipe. DM was standing close to ladder with fall arrester attached in preparation to descend down the ladder. Driller lowered Top Drive System (TDS) which entangled and pulled the fall arrester line along with DM. [...]

[8] Xcel Energy Hydroelectric Plant Penstock Fire

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The Xcel Energy Hydroelectric Plant Penstock Fire occurred on October 2, 2007, at Xcel Energy’s pumped storage hydroelectric plant near Georgetown, Colorado, a small town forty-five miles west of Denver. This accident killed five workers and injured three. The incident is thought to be the result of shoddy work by a contractor (RPI Coating) and [...]

Elevator pinched finger

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Incident Description While picking up 4 ½” liner from catwalk to the mouse hole using driller side air winch. The Floorman was having difficulties in latching the elevator to the liner in the mouse hole. While his hands were still holding the handles of the elevator, he gave a verbal signal to the Driller to [...]

[1] Floorman hit by swinging pipe

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Please find attached details of a recent Line of Fire Incident on a contractor rig on 27 Oct 2017.  A drill collar single was being laid down with the crane attached. The Floorman opened the elevator, the drill collar swung back towards the drill floor and hit the Floorman right on the chest.  Please use the [...]

The flowline pipe fell off tripod

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Incident Description The flowline pipe was rested on the tripod and due to the stress relief the pipeline straightened and fallen on the permit holders legs as he was walking parallel to the line which resulted in fracture to his right leg. Learnings from Incident Always ensure you stay at safe distance from line. Ensure [...]

[6] Fingers amputated by Screw Conveyor

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Incident Description A Cook and his helper were preparing dough-ball for chapatti with dough divider machine. Towards the end of the operation, the cook found that some gluten was stuck inside the hopper and pushed it down with his bare hand. Two of the cooks fingers slipped into the rotating screw shaft; amputating his right [...]

Sampling Bottle piston blew out

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Incident Description A sampling Engineer was working alone at workshop in the evening, conducting disposal of charged sampling bottle [cylinder that contained pressurized oil sample]. He left the sample plug unopened and opened the 3 valves leaving the pressurized fluid inside when he commenced dismantling the cylinder. He then hammered the piston when suddenly it [...]