DROPS – Reliable Securing V4

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Reliable Securing Rev 4 - Now Available Dear DROPS Community, This 4th revision of our ‘Best Practice’ handbook consolidates Reliable Securing as Industry's principle source of dropped object prevention recommendations and risk management guidance. The content is relevant and adaptable across all sectors, promoting the opportunity to focus on the underlying causes, to identify and [...]

Drops Survey Guidelines

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General Conditions for DROPS Survey: Inspectors to be qualified to carry out Drops survey Quality control on the final product to be in place; Provide soft copy large size photos of each item; Generate the following docs: Survey report; Inspection Checklist; Surveyor Qualification Surveyor Competency to be demonstrated by attaching his certification; Also the Surveyor must [...]

Drops Forum Conclusion

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Today there was Drops Forum held in Crown Plaza, Muscat, and below are points i took out from the Forum. Challenge language; big document for Drops Checklist, small photos on Drops Checklist How are we tracking actions from drops checks Actions Forward Arrange a forum in the coastal for Drillers for Drops, add HSEs, Operator's [...]