New Ship SOx and NOx Emissions

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Reductions in SOx and NOx emissions will continue to impact shipping in the near future. SOx emissions MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14 limits the fuel oil sulphur content to any fuel oil used onboard all ships, new and existing, operating with an International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. The current 3.5% m/m global limit for the [...]

Spill Kit Content

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Absorbent roll for oil collection (Squares or roll) Absorbent banding sausage for contamination (5 meters Pillow type) Absorbent granules for soaking up oil 2 Pairs long sleeved rubber gloves. 2 Pairs rubber boots. 2 Wet suits/rain suits. 2 Disposable chemical coveralls. 2 Plastic bucket with small spout. Dustpan and Brush set. 1 Packet of disposable [...]

Scientists call for ban on glitter, say it’s a global hazard

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NEW YORK (CBS) -- Arts and crafts enthusiasts have known for years that glitter tends to attach itself everywhere and never seems to come off. Scientists now say the sticky decorations are an ecological hazard that needs to be banned across the globe. Environmental scientists are arguing that the risk of pollution, specifically to the oceans, [...]