Maintenance Team HSE KPI

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BBS Card submissions Action Trcking Software actions closeout HSE or Trait specific Trainings PTW Isolations HVAC System Fundamentals Maintenance of Rotating Equipment Electrical Drawings and Control Circuits Diagnosis of Engineering Failures

HSE Advisor Annual Key Performance Indicators

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Global KPI  1 My Unit to Achieve Goal Zero target in 2018  100%  2 Successful Roll out of Ihtimam on my unit and proactively monitor Ihtimam and Solooki on my unit. 100%  Operational 1 Rig Move: HSEA need to visit Rig/Hoist while preparing for rig move including rig down/up the mast; observe [...]

Land Transport Specific HSE KPI

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First you need to get few parameters to be used in the calculations: Number of fleet (Heavy vehicles, Light vehicles, etc.) Km driven per vehicle type Then you get the below KPIs Leading Indicators Road Safety Audit; Vehicle breakdown emergency response preparedness; Road Traffic Accident Drill; Lagging Indicators IVMS Violations; RTAF; Overdue PMS; Violations/Incidents; Road [...]

Drilling or Workover Unit Leading & Lagging Indicators (KPIs)

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Leading Indicators BBS Participation Participation by Supervisors Participation by Junior crew Participation by 3rd Party Participation by Catering Per Company; Per Position; Per Month; Per Report Category; Near Miss Reports Meetings Planned vs. Held PTW Issued vs Audited Training Compliance (So much % of Mandatory trainings are completed). External Training requirements/matrix Compliance; On-Job Training (OJT) [...]

Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) Calculator

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A 12-month rolling average Lost Time Incident frequency per 1 million manhours. Manhours are based on a 12 hour working day or actual hours worked if recorded. Formula Number of LTI cases x 1 million / Quantity of  manhours worked (Include staff and contractors.) Example: Number of LTI cases = 2 Number [...]

HSE Manager/TL KPIs

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HSE Goals HSE Manager/TL Visibility # x Participate in the Field Visits HEMP and RAs Establish Risk Assesment Database for Rigs Review HSE part of Standard Operating Procedures for Rigs Incidents & Investigations 100% x Conduct Incident Investigations on High Level Incidents 100% x Closeout Actions related to HSE Dept in time 4 x Arrange Incident Action Closeout [...]

Excel Formulas

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To count the number of cells that contain certain text, you can use the COUNTIF function. In the generic form of the formula (above), rng is a range of cells, txt represents the text that cells should contain, and "*" is a wildcard matching any number of characters.