Operations that require Permit to Work

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# Title Description Examples Attachments 1 Hot Work A Hot Work is a work with a potential source of ignition or if it may produce a possible source of ignition. Exemption: Hotwork in Welding Shop Grinding Chipping Cutting Welding Burning Temporary use of internal combustion engines and non-intrinsically safe (IS) equipment in Zones I [...]

MBPS Safety Management System

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Commitment Leadership Resp & Accountability Policies & Objectives Policies Objectives Organization Responsibilities Organization Responsibilities Organization Structure Resources Training, Competency & Awareness Information Management Contractor & Supplier Management Planning HSE Capability Assessment Selection Pre-Mobilization Execution Demobilization Final Evaluation and close-out Risk Management Hazard Assessment and Risk Management Prevention and Mitigation Measures Management of Change Design, Process [...]

Dalma Safety Management System

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Policies QHSE Policy Statement Alchohol & Drugs Commuting policy Communication Establish Internal Communication Document Transmittal & Register Telefax Transmittal & Register Corporate QA Circular & Register Corporate HSE Circular & Register Corporate Telephone Register Meeting Minutes General Handover Report Organization Org chart Training Matrix internal External Induction Environmental Protection Process Management HSE Procedures HSE Responsibilities [...]

Schlumberger Safety Management System

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Introduction Commitment and Leadership Commitment Leadership Policies and Objectives Policies Objectives Organization and Resources Organizational Responsibilities Organizational Structure Organization chart Loss Prevention Team Rig Medic Training and Competences Employee Certification Training Requirements Safety Induction Briefing for newly hired employees Information Management QHSE Meetings Toolbox (pre-job) meeting Pre-spud meeting and Inspection Newcomers/Visitors Validity Bridging documents Information [...]

Transocean HSE MS

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General Introduction Department Function Department Organization, Roles And Responsibilities QHSE Services Organization Chart Department Document Organization And Description Management Of Change Related Documentation And Information HSE Manual Structure QHSE Steering Committees QHSE Committee System Corporate QHSE Steering Committee Region/District QHSE Steering Committee Installation QHSE Steering Committees Facility QHSE Steering Committees HSE Mentoring ISM Code Health [...]

Content of HSE Management System

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HSE Policy Project Risk Assessment, Hazid, Hazop, Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP) HSE Manual PTW Isolation Manriding Hotwork Lifting Equipment Control Risk Assessment Operations Manual Standard operating Procedures Technical manual Mechanical framework PMS Third party survey guidelines Organizational manual Job Descriptions Organograms Training requirements Training matrix Training materials Incentive scheme Fitness to Work of [...]

Contract Management Modes

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Contract Management Modes 1 Contractor provides people and tools for the execution of work under the supervision, instructions and HSE MS of Company. The contractor has a management system to provide assurance that its personnel are qualified and healthy and that its tools and machinery are properly maintained and suitable for the [...]

HSE Critical Activities and Tasks

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A-1 Design Safe and Efficient Operations A-01.01 Implement DEPs and Engineering Specifications A-01.02 Hazardous Area Classification for new Plant/Equipment & Modifications to Existing Plant/Equipment A-01.03 Identification of Materials A-01.04 Material Selection A-01.05 Survey of Well Locations […]