RA-49 – Manbasket Risk Assessment

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What is Manbasket Operation The crane basket, a crane supported man basket, also referred to as a suspended personnel platform, crane cage and construction basket, is designed, manufactured and tested to meet all Federal and OSHA regulations related to overhead lifting. Please view the following link of OSHA 29CFR for rules, regulations and [...]

Risk Assessment – Using Power Tong

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What is Power Tong Operation Designed to improve the efficiency, and safety of drill floor operations, power tongs are essential tools in the oil and gas industry. They are large-capacity, self-locking wrenches used for applying torque, and gripping drill string components. The torque needed to make up the casing thread is monitored, and controlled in [...]

Risks of wireless devices in hazardous areas

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The trend in industrial technology is moving towards wireless devices, resulting in an increase in the number of wireless devices installed in hazardous areas. The wireless devices are radio devices that emit electromagnetic radiation – clearly a potential source of ignition in an explosive atmosphere. The main risk lies in the induction of currents in [...]

RA-37 – Inexperienced Personnel Risk Assessment

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Hazards: The new work environment including people and culture Travelling for work purposes Performing maintenance Operating unfamiliar equipment or machinery Risk Taking behaviour Unsafe Culture from past experience Hiding Incidents Fatigue and Exhaustion […]