Contract Management Modes

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Contract Management Modes 1

Contractor provides people and tools for the execution of work under the supervision, instructions and HSE MS of Company. The contractor has a management system to provide assurance that its personnel are qualified and healthy and that its tools and machinery are properly maintained and suitable for the job. Type of activity – Small Maintenance Company working on project owned equipment at a Company location (Work related hours and events to be captured).

Contract Management Modes 2

The contractor executes all aspects of the job under its own HSE MS that interfaces with the Company HSE MS and provides the necessary instructions and supervision and verifies the proper functioning of its HSE MS. Company is responsible for verifying the overall effectiveness of the HSE management controls put in place by the contractor. Type of activity – Drilling rig, well services, completion or subsea intervention contract, EPC contract. (Work related hours and events to be captured).

Contract Management Modes 3

Not “Work Related Activities”. Contractor operates within its own HSE MS that has no interfaces with Company, HSE performance data is not reported to Company- Typical Contract Activity Off site manufacture or fabrication of major standard components, design office work.

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