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At Dapro your safety is our number one priority.

Dapro specializes in development and manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment for the petrochemical industry.

Our product scope consists of 4 product groups:


Tailor made products is an area, for which Dapro is well known. With ‘Dapro Tailor Made Projects’, we listen carefully to our users, and create products that provide for the needs and ‘Corporate Identity’ of our clients.

Our company goal is to provide people working in hazardous environments with products that make their jobs safer. Innovation is central to our company, as is our continuous strive for highly durable, comfortable and protective products that exceed the standards of the industry. Our success lies in combining these traits without compromise by using high tech materials and innovative design. The result is the use of our products in 24 countries divided over 4 continents.

One example of our innovative features is ‘Dapro Action Armpits’. This innovative design gives the user the freedom to work comfortably above reach in a coverall (one piece garment).


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