Drilling or Workover Unit Leading & Lagging Indicators (KPIs)

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Leading Indicators

  • BBS Participation
    • Participation by Supervisors
    • Participation by Junior crew
    • Participation by 3rd Party
    • Participation by Catering
    • Per Company;
    • Per Position;
    • Per Month;
    • Per Report Category;
  • Near Miss Reports
  • Meetings Planned vs. Held
  • PTW Issued vs Audited
  • Training Compliance (So much % of Mandatory trainings are completed).
    • External Training requirements/matrix Compliance;
    • On-Job Training (OJT) requirements/matrix Compliance;
  • Audits & Inspections;
    • Planned vs Conducted;
    • Open vs Closed Actions;
  • ┬áDrills
    • Fire
    • H2S
    • Rescue (from Height, Confined space)
    • Medical Drill (e.g. Stretcher, First Aid)
    • Well Control Drill

Lagging Indicators


  • Lost Time Incidents (LTIs)
  • Total Recordable Cases (TRCs)
  • Lost Man-Days
  • Personnel Injury
    • Fatality
    • Restricted Work Cases
    • Medical Treatment Cases
    • First Aid Cases
    • Occupational Illnesses
  • Road Traffic Accidents
    • Non Roll Over
    • Roll Over
  • Equipment Damage
  • Environmental Incidents


  • Violations to Important Company Rules;
  • Warning Letters issued
    • Road safety warnings given
    • Behavioural warnings given
  • IVMS Violations
  • Medical
    • Sickness Absence Statistics;
    • Consultations to Clinic;
    • Per Classification;
    • Per Month;
    • Per Company;
    • Per Position;

Frequencies (12 Month Rolling)

  • Lost Time Incident Frequency
  • Total Recordable Case Frequency
  • First Aid Case Frequency
  • Road Traffic Accidents Frequency
    • Non Roll Over Frequency
    • Roll Over Frequency

You might need the below parameters to be fed to be able to calculate the KPIs above

  • Manhours worked
  • Kms Driven

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