Drops Forum Conclusion

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Today there was Drops Forum held in Crown Plaza, Muscat, and below are points i took out from the Forum.


  • language;
  • big document for Drops Checklist,
  • small photos on Drops Checklist
  • How are we tracking actions from drops checks

Actions Forward

  • Arrange a forum in the coastal for Drillers for Drops, add HSEs, Operator’s HSE team
  • Make online training on the website for all fleet
  • Share learnings online with all fleet
  • Drops Focal Point:
    • Share Isa’s story with Dillers
    • Share drops safety flashes with Drillers specifically​.
    • Line of Defense fo Drillers
    • Discuss hyrearchy of controls we have
  • Add drops to onboarding
  • Divide drops checklists to time bound sections, weekly, monthly
  • Close all red points from previous inspections
  • Drops book for Drill Floor. Spiral book. A5
  • Drops training for our work force
  • Purse for Lifting tool to height
  • Manriding. List of activities
  • Red lifting gear should be removed from service. No excuse any more
  • Enforce training for all personnel including Manpower
  • Consider possibility of using iPad for drops checks
  • Posters to be used on TV. Get them from Drops online. Oxy have translated version
  • Get a meeting with all Drillers, HSE and field sups, RMS about drops
  • Make “Web sling use  book
  • Develop sops
  • Broad brim helmets
  • Helmet sticker of attendance of the Drops training, or sticker for Drops Focal Point
  • Use mesh for secondary retention


  • Agree self assessment schedule for the year
  • Any red points from weekly inspections captured by our team
  • Check tethered tools box during visit
  • Annual audit of the program

Company Specific Actions

  • Secondary retention for antennaes provided by Operator on the caravans
  • Pin securing for Ride shuttle

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