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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Muslims brothers for successfully completion of the Month of Ramadan. (may All Accept our fasting and all good deeds) Amin
Also I would like to wish you and your beloved ones a very Happy Eid Eid Mubarak All)!

Motorists are advised to refrain from answering and checking greeting messages they receive on their mobile phones while driving.

A number of safety precautions have been issued by the Ministry of Interior in a bid to have accident-free Eid Al Fitr holidays. The police have also announced that they will increase the number of patrol cars around parks, slaughterhouses and other public areas.

Director of Police Traffic and Patrol Directorate, said that any individuals found initiating road races and driving recklessly will be dealt with in the strictest way.

Statement from the Civil Defence said:

Meanwhile, those working in restaurants and residential kitchens are advised to ensure that all gas piping and electrical wiring is up to safety standards. According to the Civil Defence, ventilation ducts must also be cleaned to prevent oil collection from combustion due to overheating while ovens must also be cleared of any excess material and oils.

Kitchen users must also refrain from wearing baggy clothes and kitchen towels should be kept away from any open flames. Incense burners and candles must also be kept away from clothes and should be supervised at all times,


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