Confined Space related Incident

//Confined Space related Incident
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    Questions to be asked:
    1. Is confined space entry necessary? Can the assigned task be completed from the outside?

    2. Has a confined space safe entry permit been issued by the company?

    3. Are confined spaces and confined space procedures posted where they will be noticed by employees?

    4. If entry is to be made, has the air quality in the confined space been tested for safety?

    • Oxygen supply at least 19.5%
    • Flammable range less than 10% of the lower explosive limit
    • Absence of toxic air contaminants

    5. Have employees and supervisors been trained in the selection and use of personal protective equipment and clothing?

    • Protective clothing
    • Respiratory protection
    • Hard hats
    • Eye protection
    • Gloves
    • Life lines
    • Emergency rescue equipment

    6. Have employees been trained for confined space entry?7. Are confined space safe work practice discussed in safety meetings?

    8. Have employees been trained in confined space rescue procedures?

    9. If ventilation equipment is needed, is it available and/or used?

    10. Is the air quality tested when the ventilation system is operating?

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