How to Assess Safety Culture

//How to Assess Safety Culture
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    Does the Management know own procedures

    • man-riding Procedure
    • Any of the office personnel know how to fill our permit?

    Incident Investigation Team is lead to Behavioral Issues
    e.g. broken tong cover – missing bolt was omitted, non-verbal green light for operation to be more important

    HSE Team Members utilized for different tasks

    HSE Team Members are given tasks by everybody
    e.g. HSE Advisors given tasks bypassing HSE Manager

    Employment of HSE Advisors without consultation with HSE Management
    e.g. HSE Advisors are hired who has no HSE background

    BBS (STOP) participation by Management
    e.g. No STOP cards are written by Management or Office personnel

    Field Visit Quality

    No HSE Monitoring Plan
    Why we need it? – ‘You can not improve what you can not measure’
    Why not to use deaprtment scorecard? – because you don’t want to have pressure and close the actions without proper actions taken.

    Management Behavioral Issues

    • Using “trouble maker”phrase gives impression to the crew that we don’t want anybody to raise issues
    • Operations Management decides what is Good/Bad for HSE without consulting with HSE Management
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