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///New Traffic Rules and Penalties
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    From 1 March 2018, many new road rules are being introduced which will help make driving in Oman safer.

    A ‘black point system’ is being launched which means motorists receiving more than 12 black points in a calendar year will have their driving licence suspended for six months.

    After getting the licence back (after six months), if the motorist gets more than 12 points in the following year, the licence will be confiscated for a year. If this behaviour continues and more than 12 black points are awarded in the third consecutive year, the licence will be cancelled. The driver will have to pay RO100 and retake the driving test. Accumulated black points will be reset to zero at the beginning of every year.
    New drivers in Oman are treated differently as well. They will be issued with temporary driving licences which are valid for 12 months under a probation scheme. Those probationary drivers who get more than 10 ‘black points’ on their temporary driving licences will have to attend additional driving lessons, and these temporary licences will be extended by one year if the driver earned more than seven black points in a year. Drivers who earned six or less black points during the probation period will qualify for a ten-year driving license.
    Under the new rules, seatbelts will become mandatory for all passengers in a vehicle. All passengers will have to wear seatbelts, including those in the backseat. Child seats are also mandatory for children under four years.

    Expatriate new driving licences will have to be renewed every two years. Those, however, who currently have licences valid for 10 years will only renew after the expiry of their current licences.

    There have been significant changes to penalties for serious traffic offences. Fifty two (52) offences have seen an increase in the associated penalty. Some fine increase examples include:

    • Parking in spaces meant for the disabled (increased from RO10 to RO50)
    • Trucks overtaking incorrectly (increased to RO50)
    • Drivers covering their faces [including women] increased to (R050).

    Examples where three black points will be issued:

    • Failing to stop at a police checkpoint
    • Drifting
    • Modifying vehicle licence plates
    • Covering a licence plate or a part of it
    • Exceeding speed limit by more than 75km/hr
    • Driving with a licence in another category
    • Covering driver’s face
    • Modifying the vehicle
    • Overtaking by heavy vehicles at a place where they are not allowed to do so.

    Examples where two black points will be issued:
    • Using a phone while driving
    • Dangerous overtaking
    • Parking on the road
    • Parking trucks less than 5m from the shoulder in non-emergency situations
    • Leaving a car in case of an accident before completing the due procedures
    • Motorcycle riders without a helmet.

    Examples where one black point will be issued:
    • Overloading
    • Playing loud music
    • Not stopping when asked by a police officer to do so, etc.

    New Traffic Rules and Penalties in Oman

    Be alert, be aware and be safe!

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