HSE Default Letter

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HSE Default Letter is an official notification letter from Client to the Contractor that the latter will be penalized to certain amount for certain HSE violation.

Sample Template:

Date: xxxxx

To: xxxxxx


Contract: xxxxxx

Subject: HSE non compliance –Class A non compliance

Incident Tracking number: xxxx

Dear [Contractor Rep]

This is to notify you that Non Conformance to Standards Default occurred within the Services performed under the subject Contract. Non Conformance to Standards Default is defined as not complying with [Client Company Name] rules & regulations in regards to HSE defaults.

The details of the Non Conformance to Standards Default are as follows:

[Description of Non-Compliance].


HSE Non Conformance penalty is defined in Section C-9, Clause 8.

In accordance with the terms of the subject Contract, a penalty deduction of HSE Non Conformance has been calculated as follows: $$$ x per recordable incident = Total of $$$ to be deducted. This deduction will be made from the next invoice submitted by your company.

Calculation Details: –

$$$ @ Default No. of Defaults Total
500 1 500/=


Yours Faithfully,

[Contract Holder] for  [Client Company]

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