HSE Manager/TL KPIs

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HSE Goals

HSE Manager/TL Visibility

  1. # x Participate in the Field Visits

HEMP and RAs

  1. Establish Risk Assesment Database for Rigs
  2. Review HSE part of Standard Operating Procedures for Rigs

Incidents & Investigations

  1. 100% x Conduct Incident Investigations on High Level Incidents
  2. 100% x Closeout Actions related to HSE Dept in time
  3. 4 x Arrange Incident Action Closeout Review with GM and OM

Improve Emergency Preparadness

  1. # x Conduct Emergency Drill competition – Year
  2. # x Develop Emergency Response Procedure for managing family emergency for the employees
  3. 100% x Establish Clinic in each Camp

Contractor Management

  1. 1 x Attend Business Performance Review with Catering Service Provider
  2.  1 x Attend Business Performance Review with Manpower Service Provider
  3.  1 x Attend Business Performance Review with Transportation Service Provider

Leadership Goals


  1. ..3 x General Crew Engagement
  2.  ..1 x Engage & discuss with field HSE advisors on their development plan- year
  3.  ..52 x Conduct regular phone conversation with field HSE Advisors to listen to their issues- min Once week (Thursdays).
  4.  ..9 x HSE speicific Engage with front line supervisors during field visits x year.
  5.  ..3 x General Crew Engagement


  1. ..Give honest/constructive feedback to field HSE – 1/ year/ person.
  2. ..100% – Ensure delivering all projects on agreed time.


  1. ..Work collectively with UWN leadership in developing robust procedures and guidelines as required. 100%.


  1. ..Establish HSE Dashboard for UWN In-Sourcing and review in quarterly basis.
  2. ..Discuss HSE issues with the coastal team on monthly basis

Continous Improvement Goals


  1. ..4 x HSE Plan review Quarterly
  2. ..12 x Monthly HSE Review
  3. ..100% – Closeout all Incident Actions relevant to HSE Dept. in timely manner x year


  1. 6 x Conduct Unit Audits (1 per Unit)
  2. 1 x SMS Self Assesment on the project
  3. 100% x Coordinate with Industrial Hygienists to run audits on Camps
  4. 100% x Coordinate with Corporate Medical Department to conduct audits on Clinics
  5. # x PTW Audits
  6.  # x Catering Contractor Audit
  7. # x Transportation Contractor Audit
  8. # x Manpower Contractor Audit
  9. # x Transportation Workshop Audit

Competency Development

  1. 100% x Establish HSE Competency Development Program for HSE Advisors
  2. ..100% – Book and Attend all the trainings as per In-Sourcing Training Matrix – year
  3. ..1 x Develop Earthing Requirement Training for UWN Team x Year
  4. ..1 x Develop Internal Video Induction x year

Lean Maturity

  1. ..12 x Collect Lean Ideas from UWN Team during Monthly HSE Meeting x Year
  2. ..1 x Continue Waste Reporting Lean project
  3. ..1 x Coordinate with MSE to have drinking water treatment units in NIMR

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