Impact Glove Survey

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Below are the points to look at when evqaluating the Impact Gloves.

  • Price – This will a critical factor, as you need to be flexible in discarding the used gloves, and cost will make a difference in decision making
  • Stock Availability – Once you shift to the particular type, will you be able to maintain the supply.
  • Washing – Since the Impact gloves are expensive piece of PPE, it is a normal practice to try to use them as long as possible to justify the cost, therefore you need to consider washing
  • Duration of use – Depending on the quality and avaialblility of washing facilities you will calculate the stock you need to have
  • Slippery Grip
  • Flexebility – whether the positions like Mechanics, will be able to use the Impact Gloves in their fine tuning tasks
  • Post-use Odour – Odour will be an issue if long use is considered.
  • Post-use Skin Irritation – Gloves with liquid resistant insulation makes the hand to sweat and can cause the skin irritation and peeling off, which can develop (i beleive) into chronic dermatitis.
  • Cut Resistant – surely PPE, especially the expensive one, like Impact Gloves needs to provide this basic protection
  • Liquid Resistant – Depending on the location and nature of the job exposure, liquid resistance must be considered, as otherwise keeping the glove will be an issue
  • Heat Resistant – Depending on the nature of job you might consider this, but Impact Glove main purpose is to absorb the impact
  • Chemical Resistant – Again depending on the nature of the job, where hands can sustain an impact you might need an extra protection against the chemicals used.
  • Puncture Resistant -Very much similar to Cut Resistance, but needs more robust protection
  • Impact Resistant – Main reason of having the Impact Gloves. Various tests can be done. But overall, these tests are ususally done in controlled environment without live people exposure. Carrots and other similar stuff can be used. In general terms, rubber used for absorbing impact is more or less the same for all gloves.

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