RA-37 – Inexperienced Personnel Risk Assessment

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  • The new work environment including people and culture
  • Travelling for work purposes
  • Performing maintenance
  • Operating unfamiliar equipment or machinery
  • Risk Taking behaviour
  • Unsafe Culture from past experience
  • Hiding Incidents
  • Fatigue and Exhaustion


  • Personnel Injury
  • Damage to equipment


  • Onboarding program
  • Handover
  • Follow recruitment process to ensure Mandatory trainings prior to joining the Unit
  • Particular job related Competency Development Program
  • Balance crew strength across the 5 hoists
  • Green Hand Management
  • Buddy System
  • Doubling with experienced personnel
  • Proper TBT prior to operation commencement.
  • Clear work Instruction, backed up by SOP
  • Continuous Supervision
  • Intervention by experienced personnel
  • Conduct regular performance follow-ups
  • Not assignining Critical Tasks to green hands
  • Fit for purpose equipment
  • Planning of operations
  • Contolled working hours
  • Familiarization with Management view on reporting and assuring ‘No Blame Culture’ is used in Company


  • Experienced crew available in the Field to help with recoveries
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Medical Team
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Team

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