RA-2 – Rigging Down & Rig Up Operation Risk Assessment

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Rigging Down & Rig Up Operation

These are terms used in the industry for moving in the drilling rig; installing all the parts, units, motors and equipment; and getting ready to drill the well. Once the well is drilled, the process is again done in reverse to remove all the equipment used in the drilling operations.

Rigging Down & Rig Up Operations Hazards

  • Crane lifts of heavy equipments
  • Concurrent activities
  • Manual handling
  • Working at height
  • Lines under pressure
  • Chemical residues in lines
  • Personnel movement

Rigging Down & Rig Up Hazard Effects

  • Dropped equipment causing equipment damage and / or injury including potential fatality.
  • Missed communication and working interface causing operational delay.
  • Falling from height and dropped objects causing injury
  • Chemical exposure and contact on skin – chemical burns

Rigging Down & Rig Up Hazard Controls

  • Pre-job meeting to define tasks; roles & responsibilities and identifying potential hazards.
  • Permit to Work System
  • Work at height Procedure
  • Rig down / rig up procedures
  • Planning and activities co-ordination
  • TOFS and hazard awareness
  • Provision of fit for purpose PPE
  • Provision of additional lightings
  • Buddy system and restricted hazardous activities at night
  • Purging and flushing of lines and relief of pressures
  • Rest and work regime
  • Training and competency of personnel
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Availability of supervisory personnel and intense supervision
  • Pre-use check and inspection of tools and equipment
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment and machinery.
  •  All pipe racks to have stoppers installed.

Rigging Down & Rig Up Control Failure Recovery

  • ER procedures and ER Team
  • Trained Medic and medical facility
  • Updated Duty Roster and telephone contact of base support
  • Emergency evacuation vehicle
  • Stock of water and rehydration fluid

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