Risk Assessment – Using Power Tong

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What is Power Tong Operation

Designed to improve the efficiency, and safety of drill floor operations, power tongs are essential tools in the oil and gas industry. They are large-capacity, self-locking wrenches used for applying torque, and gripping drill string components.

The torque needed to make up the casing thread is monitored, and controlled in order to ensure that the casing thread does not leak. It makes a rotating motion when breaking out, or making up casings, tubings, drill pipes, and other pipes. The make-up torque ratings rely on casing size, grade, metallurgy, weight, and the thread compound friction factor being utilized.

Power Tong Operations Hazards

  • Crew is not aware about hazards in each steps
  • Floor man hit by power tong
  • Hands or Finger caught in between hydraulic connection elbow and pin
  • Manual handling hazard – Bring the tong to rotary area

Power Tong Hazard Effects

  • Personnel Injury

Power Tong Hazard Controls

  • PTW for Casing Running (if that is the case) to control 3rd party activities in the premises
  • Authorized and trained personnel for the job
  • Risk Assessment
  • TBT
    • Identify manual handling requirements at pre job meeting
    • Explain how to lock the tong on the tubing/casing etc.
  • Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) or Safe Working Procedure (SWP) avaialble
  • Restrict unwanted personnel entry to work site
  • Use right PPE for the task.
  • Fix the lines properly
  • Ensure connections are tightened and secured with safety whip before start
  • Do not connect or disconnect lines while unit is in operation
  • Pre and Post equipment inspection.
  • Report all defects.
  • Safe working procedures are available and cascaded to all involved personnel.
  • Continous Supervision
  • Place backing pin in makeup hole for makeup operation
  • Safe /Hazards Handling areas have Color Coded painting
  • Keep hand and fingers away from pinch points
  • Avoid manual handling, if possible, use mechanical aids where applicable
  • Proper lifting practices.
  • Lifting accessories regular inspection (provided by Rig/Hoist)
  • Keep personnel away from swing trajectory of the tong
  • Develop securing method for tong to be kep away from rotaty while RIH
  • Impact Gloves for the workforce

Power Tong Control Failure Recovery

  • Medical care program
  • First Aid box on the Drill Floor
  • Trained First Aider in the team
  • Optional – Medic at site
  • Emergency Contact Number avaialble
  • Optional – Ambulance available at site



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