Short office safety session

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Conducted short training in the office. It was very straight forward and simple – I explained what is in the first aid kit, how to use and in which situations. Thing I caught myself on was that its very plain knowledge of “how to apply bandage”, but giving myself a question is it needed, answer is – yes of course. Attendees were showing genuine interest in information given querying and leaning forward to hear the answer, despite it was a small room and everyone heard me very well. For me it is a significant mark. I encourage all my colleagues to consider this kind of short and informative sessions in their offices to raise useful knowledge and establish interactive “Safe Thought” communication in your neighborhood.

All who is interested in Safety and seek support in first steps on this field are welcome to “EntirelySafe” community. Lots of safety related articles and shared materials. Let’s build a safe and smart union together…

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NEBOSH Certified HSE Specialist with more than 14 yearst in oil & gas and construction. Trainer, communicator and coach.