Site Supervisor HSE Competencies

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HSE Managemetn System

  •  General awareness of what HSEMS
  • How many elements in HSEMS
  • Name at least 4 elements
  • What is HEMP
  • List 4 steps in HEMP
  • Explain Hierarchy of Risk Controls
  • What is leading & Lagging indicators
  • List 4 leading & 4 lagging indicators

Road Safety

  •  What is IVMS
  • Which journeys require approval from Authorizing person
  • Who is the authorizing person
  • List Class A defects (3 defects at least)
  • What is RAG report
  • How long is JM training valid
  • Maximum allowed tire age


  •  What is the frequency of drops survey
  • Knowledge of drops calculator and its use
  • List 4 forbidden practices as per SP-2097
  • Explain drops zones

Hands off


  •  Explain various types of drills
  • What is the frequency of fire drill at camp site
  • What is WCAT
  • Explain Hard Shut in why is BOP stack configuration important to be known
  • What should be the size of wire rope used as Safety line on TPW
  • Explain primary and secondary barriers

Lifting & Hoisting

  • How often should be Manriding winch load tested
  • What should be crane inspection frequency
  • Explain the contents of Lifting Equipment Register
  • What is the inspection requirement of fall arrestors
  • What is Lift Plan and when it is used.


  •  What is a Environmental permit
  • What is Environmental Aspects
  • Above what volume should spill be reported


  • What are the two types of water quality checks
  • Frequency of food handlers stool examination
  • Frequency of camp inspection.


  •  Show Supervisor inspections examples and findings
  • Show unit level 3 inspection tracking sheet/ system/ CCC Tool
  • Quality & Frequency of Hazard Hunts
  • Quality & Frequency of SBOT/ Solooki
  • TBT quality (use of LSR/ Hazid)
  • HSEA request follow up and feedbacks
  • Knowledge of PTW system
  • Prompt Response to emails
  • When was the last LTI (Unit/Organization)
  • Attened the Incident investigation course
  • Locate and explain current year Client & Contractor HSE Plan
  • List LSR

Education & experience

  • IRC
  • H2S ane escapte
  • OSC
  • IWCF
  • FLS
  • PTW
  • Risk Asssessment
  • MOC SP2150
  • Online WPS
  • Environmental Course
  • Online DROPS

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