Standard Signs & Posters on the Rig/Hoist

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All signage must be associated to the hazards available at the work site, i.e. equipment, environment. Nevertheless below are the most common signs

HSE Signs

HSE Signs are divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Prohition Signs
  2. Mandatory Signs
  3. Warning Signs
  4. Safe Condition Signs

Rig Manager Office

  • Drills Dashboard
  • Incident Investigation Gideline Poster
  • Emergency Poster

Tea Room / Coffee Shop

  • Safety Flashes
  • MEMOs
  • BBS Posters
  • Minutes of Loss Prevention Meetings
  • Loss Prevention Team Organogram

Drill Floor

  • “DANGER: Red Zone”

Dog House

  • “NOTICE: Only Authorised Personnel”
  • “WARNING: The Door on this pressurised building must never be left open unless the area atmosphere is known to be below the ventable concentration of the combustible materials or unless all devices within have been de-energized”

Generator Room

Hazards usually present in the workshops:

  • High Voltage;
  • Moving machinery;
  • Rotating parts;
  • Slippery floors;


  • “DANGER: High Voltage, Restricted Area”

Mechanical Workshop

Hazards usually present in the workshops:

  • Bench Grinder;
  • Bench Drill;
  • Manual Power tools;
  • Laith;
  • Various Wrenches;
  • Purging with air;



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