Tips for driving in bad weather

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Before bad weather ensure your:

  1. Vehicle servicing is up to date
  2. Tyres have the correct tread depth.
  3. Lights are in good working order
  4. Wipers are working and do not smear
  5. De-mister works
  6. Fuel level is high

 During bad weather

  1.  Do not enter a running wadi if the flow is up to the red mark on the wadi posts
  2. Slow down in the rain
  3. Keep your dipped lights on.
  4. Take bends at a steady and slow speed as the wet roads are slippery
  5. Keep your windscreen clear with the demister
  6. Use your wipers and the correct speed for you to see
  7. Keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you
  8. Brake in good time and gently
  9. Test your brakes after driving through standing water
  10. Concentrate only on your driving
  11. Park in a safe place and wait for the weather to improve if you need to
  12. Be aware of other vehicle acting erratically.

 Do not

  1.  Put on your main beam headlights or your fog lights
  2. Drive too close to the vehicle in front
  3. Weave across the road to avoid puddles
  4. Park in a hazardous place

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