Entirelysafe Whatsapp Group Rules

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Gents here are the rules of the group:

Permissible Shares

  • HSE Vacancies
  • HSE Flashes/Alerts
  • HSE Legislative updates
  • HSE News
  • Request for Professional Help
  • Request for HSE document templates

*All shares must be in English languageR


Please, DO NOT share anything containing:

  • Women;
  • Music;
  • Anti government Messages (regardless the country);
  • Hatred or calling for hatred to ANY ethnic or religious group;
  • Restricted or Classified information;
  • ¬†Information that was not authorized for distribution by your company;
  • Disturbing videos of people passing away as a result of Accidents “last moments videos”;
  • Disturbing images of post-accident scenes, containing blood, human body parts;
  • Messages containing information about personal/company details that may result in damage to reputation.


  • Violators will be warned only once;
  • Removal from group will follow;

About the Author:

HSE Professional with more than 14 years experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry. Created this website to help the HSE Professionals from around the globe to form a sharing and learning community. My inspiration in HSE is a verse from Quran: whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely [Quran, al Maida 5:32]