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Reliable Securing Rev 4 – Now Available

Dear DROPS Community,

This 4th revision of our ‘Best Practice’ handbook consolidates Reliable Securing as Industry’s principle source of dropped object prevention recommendations and risk management guidance.

The content is relevant and adaptable across all sectors, promoting the opportunity to focus on the underlying causes, to identify and assess the hazards and to apply appropriate preventive and mitigating controls.

A6 Perfect Bound printed Booklets are now available to purchase.

Please see the DROPS Product Price list  for pricing and contact us at admin@dropsonline.org to order.

DROPS Members may also request personalised versions (logo and safety message) on orders of 250 or more.

Click here to download free PDF copy 

DROPS would like to thank all DROPS members and industry specialists who have taken time to assist and contribute towards this latest edition. Reliable Securing reflects a spirit of collaboration, sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of all in the fight against dropped objects.


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