RA-49 – Manbasket Risk Assessment

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What is Manbasket Operation

The crane basket, a crane supported man basket, also referred to as a suspended personnel platform, crane cage and construction basket, is designed, manufactured and tested to meet all Federal and OSHA regulations related to overhead lifting.
Please view the following link of OSHA 29CFR for rules, regulations and testing requirements on crane baskets.

Manbasket Operations Hazards

  • Working at height;
  • Open areas in the basket;
  • Overhead lines;
  • Unsecured tools at height;
  • Height phobia (acrophobia)
  • Basket anchoring points – missing; inadequate strength;
  • Harness anchoring points – missing; inadequate strength;
  • Adverse weather – severe storm / sand storm;
  • Concurrent activity;
  • Crane malfunction;
  • Crane movement;
  • Pinch points;
  • Uneven working platform;
  • Miscommunication;
  • Insufficient lighting;

Manbasket Hazard Effects

  • Falling from height resulting in serious injury or possible death.
  • Dropping tools causing property damage or injury to personnel below;
  • Dropped basket;
  • Loss of control/stability;
  • Caught between structure and basket;
  • Personnel stuck at height;
  • Pinching hands & fingers between door and frame;
  • Electrocution;
  • Panic;
  • Slippery work area;
  • Emergency switch in the basket overridden;
  • Unawareness of hazards related to task in hand;

Manbasket Hazard Controls


  • Pre-use check and inspection of fall protection PPE.
  • Fall protection PPE register and regular inspection and maintenance;
  • Drops – tethered tools;
  • Provision and wearing of fit for purpose PPE and fall protection equipment.
  • Purchase of harnesses from reputable manufacturer
  • Discarding harness on regular basis
  • Provision of anchor points
  • Pouches for Radios to be used;
  • Provide adequate lighting;


  • Gyroscope to keep basket level;
  • Door opening inside;
  • Failsafe door locking mechanism;
  • Emergency switch in the basket;
  • Kickboard around basket;


  • Training for attachment &use of Manbasket;
  • Training of personnel for working at height;
  • Buddy system;
  • Clearly identifiable SWL;
  • Manufacturers certification;


  • Work at height is covered by PTW
  • Toolbox talk to define tasks; roles & responsibilities; identifying potential hazards.
  • Drops – No Go Zone below the basket;
  • Control of personnel movement below
  • Establish mean of communication – radio; hand signal etc.
  • Supervision.
  • Pre-operation Emergency button function test;
  • Basket regular inspection by approved lifting equipment inspection authority;
  • Procedure addressing Crane-Basket interface;

Manbasket Control Failure Recovery

  • Alternative crane use to retrieve person struck in the Basket
  • Connection of basket controls to rig HPU as backup
  • Provision for crane boom lowering mechanism to Rig HPU if Crane HPU fails;
  • Basket Emergency button override switch in the Crane Cabin;
  • ER Procedures & Team
  • Trained Medic and medical facility
  • Evacuation vehicle

Good Practices

  • NA


  • NA

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