RA-8 – Manriding Risk Assessment

RA-8 – Manriding Risk Assessment

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What is Manriding Operation

Manriding operations, hoisting personnel above or below the rig floor with a winch to perform rig maintenance, are considered a part of normal routine operations by many companies in the drilling industry.

Manriding Operations Hazards

  • Working at height
  • Working at distance from Floor
  • Concurrent activities
  • Overhead moving equipment – travelling block
  • Adjacent equipment and machinery
  • Adverse weather – heat and cold
  • Tools used
  • Equipment failure

Manriding Operations Hazard Effects

  • Falling from height causing serious injury or potential death.
  • Contact with or struck by moving equipment and / or rotating pipe
  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke
  • Missed communication causing operation failure or personnel injury
  • Dropped tools causing damage to equipment and / or personnel injury.
  • Failed equipment causing injury

Manriding Operations Hazard Controls

  • Toolbox talks to define tasks, roles & responsibilities and identifying potential hazards
  • Permit to Work System
  • Pre-use check and inspection of equipment
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment & machinery
  • Provision and wearing of fit for purpose PPE
  • Training and competency of personnel
  • Dedicated Man riding winch
  • Designated winch operator and Signal Man for blind lifts
  • Established mean of communication
  • No concurrent activity
  • DROPS Program – No-Go or Red Zone
  • Use of tethered tools
  • Warning signs & barriers
  • Winch: Overhead stopper to prevent pulling through the sheave
  • Crane: use certified manriding basket
  • Lifting gear inspection

Manriding Operations Control Failure Recovery

  • ER procedures and Team
  • Rescue from height procedures
  • Trained Medic and medical facility
  • Emergency evacuation vehicle
  • Backup lowering system for manriding winch

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